Do you hear the rushing river?

Composer John Mills-Cockell unveils his most intimate work with Kestrel Music's release of the new compact disc Do You Hear The Rushing River? Creating a luminous body of instrumental music that is seductive, magical and full of emotion, this influential, style-setting, contemporary composer proves that poetry can be written without words. This collection of music, haunting and ethereal, expresses the composer's passionate search for inner peace in the hum of everyday life.

As a musical journey, the listener's discovery of Do You Hear The Rushing River? is a very sensual one, full of subtle rhythm, colour and movement. Ken Gass, playwright, director & founder of Factory Theatre Lab and the Canadian Repertory Theatre describes the music as "a hauntingly beautiful journey of hope". The work has a soothing, meditative quality that lends itself to contemplation and inspiration. In fact John has subtitled the collection "improvisations and meditations". He feels the improvisational aspect is significant because even though most of the pieces are richly orchestrated, every note derives from the single, zen-like gesture or brushstroke of the initial performance

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"Do You Hear The Rushing River? is a very personal musical statement of a prolific Canadian composer. Overflowing with newfound peace and rediscovered innocence, it is a work of passion and insight that transcends stylistic and artistic boundaries."

There are excerpts from the CD available to download:

A multi-faceted performer, John has recorded the soundtrack for Stella! Black & White, a dynamic literary performance piece, based on the poetry of Blake Parker Stella! Black & White was performed by a special ten piece ensemble at Vancouver International Writers' Festival in October of 1995. The artist Michael Hayden developed the unique holographic technique & materials for the packaging concept of Do You Hear The Rushing River?

Tina Overbury
Off The Cuff, Vancouver

Do You Hear The Rushing River?
improvisations and meditations

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John Mills-Cockell

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