John Mills-Cockell - Canadian music composer

Composition & Sound Design for film, television, opera, theatre, dance and radio.

In September, 2013 Savitri & Sam, a new opera with libretto by playwright, director, producer Ken Gass, was given its second workshop at Citadel Theatre, Toronto.  Opera critic Leslie Barcza said of it: "the ninety minutes went by like a flash.  I got lost in the lusciousness of the sound, and (aside from liking the performers & their performances) I liked every character, including the one who ends up being a killer . . . this opera is as Canadian as apple pie or maple syrup.  The music is really beautiful.”

Most recently, in development, is Kid Catastrophe (BirthRites), an opera with author, playwright, librettist France Ducasse and light sculptor Michael Hayden.  The work utilizes multiple ensembles (soloists, chorus & instrumentalists) connected simultaneously via broadband in four performance venues around the world.

At the conclusion of its 2013 season John’s score for Blue Bridge Theatre’s Uncle Vanya, dir. by Brian Richmond,  was recognized as Best Sound in a Dramatic Production by Victoria Critics Awards.  Following Uncle Vanya, he was Music Director for Blue Bridge production of My Fair Lady which was nominated by Victoria Critcs’ Awards as Best Production.

John has also been working with music producer William Blakeney and Ken Gass on the complete recording of Savitri & Sam for EMF label.  Blakeney & he are also preparing remastered versions of recordings John made early in his career for a 3 CD set.


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