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Do You Hear The Rushing River?

produced by JMC & James Bowers,
cover by Michael Hayden
CD, Kestrel Music, 1995
review & sound clip
$18.00 Cdn,+ $4.00  shipping

Free Psychedelic Poster Inside

Intersystems (Michael Hayden, Blake Parker & Dick Zander)

Allied Records, 1968, remastered by Gary Todd
CD reissue, Streamline USA, 1994

$24.00 Cdn,  + 4.00$ shipping


Intersystems, produced with Jack Boswell
Allied Records, 1967
remastered by Gary Todd
CD reissue, Streamline, USA, 1996
$24.00 Cdn, + $4.00 shipping

Stella! Black & White

Produced by JMC and Blake Parker, in collaboration with Michael Hayden and Walsh Films, 1995
Cassette & Transcript $25.00 Cdn + $7.00 S&H
number one intersystemsalt

Number One Intersystems

limited edition special reissue reproduction of original 1967 Allied lp with bonus Intersytems comic book available as vinyl only: John Mills-cockells pre-synthesizer electro-acoustic album with poet Blake Parker, album design by Michael Hayden.
Limited quantity
$55.00 Cdn, or USD + $8.00S&H